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Trisha’s Internship Testimonial

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As a student from a communication background, I have always been interested in working at an agency to learn the ins and outs of marketing, branding, and public relations. However it was not until my spring internship at Pushing the Envelope, Inc. that I came to understand how amazing a career in this industry would be. From the very first …

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Checking Into Barcelona

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The Barcelona Principles…although sounding an awful lot like an EU Summit meeting, they are, in fact, a declaration of measurement principles agreed upon by organizations, academics, businesses and even government within the public relations and marketing industry. In 2010, these measurement principles were decided upon and now, five years later, they have been updated.

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Pushing the Envelope Introduces New “Compass” Division

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Fort Myers, Fla. – April 12, 2016 – Fort Myers-based marketing communications firm Pushing the Envelope, Inc. (PTE) is excited to introduce a new division, “Compass.” Services include public relations, social media, email marketing services and more and are offered in the form of scalable kits. Compass was created to fill a void in the market for organizations with specific needs and limited budgets. The name “Compass” originated from a faith-based epiphany …

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The Giving Tree- How To Partner With A Charitable Organization

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It should come as no surprise that donating to charitable organizations is beneficial for businesses. Corporate giving makes a clear statement to your customers that you value your community, care for the people in it and believe in sharing the responsibility to support our less fortunate. Not only can it build brand trust externally but, it can also internally strengthen your team by giving employees an opportunity to band together for a cause they are passionate about.

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Digital Ad Trends 2016-2019

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In a time where talking assistants such as Siri and the ability to control home appliances with a simple tap on your phone are typical daily assets, it should be no surprise that digital advertisements are now a regular part of our lives. How can this technology be used to the advantage of your business? And how important will digital advertising be in comparison to more traditional advertising methods in the coming years? These questions are vital to the success of your brand and staying up-to-date on upcoming trends.

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Pushing the Envelope Launches New Website

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Mar. 9, 2016 – Pushing the Envelope Inc., an award-winning marketing communication firm based in Fort Myers, has launched a new website: Designed with clients, partners and prospects in mind, the new website offers enhanced features, more added value and complimentary content for an improved user experience. Via visitors can access valuable resources including eBooks, educational blogs and video tutorials, detailed service menu, case studies, visual samples …

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Welcome to PTE, Trisha!

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My name is Trisha Minniti and I am a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. I am very excited about this internship opportunity at Pushing the Envelope since it gives me a chance to apply what I have learned in my coursework and gain hands on experience in the industry I hope to pursue after graduation. Here’s a little about me…

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Preparing to Advertise on Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

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A study conducted by Microsoft Corporation® in 2015 found that our digital lifestyle has made it difficult for people to stay focused. Over the past 15 years, the human attention span has shortened from 12 seconds to eight seconds. So it’s no wonder that it has become increasingly harder for business’ to reach their target audiences organically. That’s why advertising …